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Don't Gamble with Our Homes

  We are ordinary residents of the Unwin and Friary Estate in London SE15 who don't want a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) to run our estate. We want to remain with honest, transparent and accountable Southwark Council management.  


The TRA and the TMO are - or should be - two different organisations.

The Tenants' and Residents' Association (TRA) should represent all residents. It is funded by a few pence on the rent and from hiring out our TRA Hall.

The Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) in Development is a Private Limited Company, funded by Southwark Council and the Government for over 11 years and £200,000 of our money which just goes into the pockets of fat cat consultants at the tune of £64.62 per hour.

These two organisations should be DIFFERENT. It is a conflict of interest for both to be run by the same group.

But they are run by the same clique. In May 2009 at the TRA AGM a group of residents, including both residents opposed to the TMO, and those neutral about the TMO, got elected to the TRA, in order for it to be more representative and effective.

The pro-TMO group and other people who were not even present at that AGM made an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT about this election to the Council. That was rejected - the elections were ruled fair and democratic.

The pro-TMO clique refused to co-operate with the new members and effectively sabotaged the meetings. In October some of the NoTMO committee members resigned and the TRA is under the sway of the pro-TMO clique again.

The TRA's performance in administering the money it has and communicating with residents is very poor. If the TMO group can't run a TRA properly, with a budget of only a few thousand pounds, how can they adminster One Million Pounds? That's what the TMO's yearly budget will be. One Million Pounds.


Vote No to the TMO

As the ballot nears we need more volunteers to join our campaign to ensure our homes are safe for the future. Or please donate - we are using our own money, they have lots of taxpayers (our) cash.

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Vote No to the TMO

 We are using our own money, so any donations are very much appreciated, thanks.

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