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Don't Gamble with Our Homes

  We are ordinary residents of the Unwin and Friary Estate in London SE15 who don't want a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) to run our estate. We want to remain with honest, transparent and accountable Southwark Council management.  


Here are a small selection of our leaflets. We have published so many that it seems better to put up just a few so you can get the flavour of our - completely unfunded - campaign. We haven't spent over £200,000 of your money!

June 2009

NoTMO campaigners elected to TRA!

Successful NoTMO Public Meeting with Lionel Wright of Tabard Gardens - the Estate where TMO rule led to disaster

This is about NoTMO campaigners being elected to the Tenants' and Residents Association (TRA) - which should represent ALL RESIDENTS - to air the other side of the discussion, as the TRA is dominated by proTMO campaigners. The group of people elected were forced out by the proTMO clique later that year. There is also interesting information about what happens when a TMO - Tabard Gardens, fails. Click here to download.

September 2009 -

We Don't Want Bouncy Castles -
We Want Answers

This is in response to the TMO holding a "Fun Day" in the park - cost to us £1000, where they weren't going to answer questions. See this video of the TMO chair walking away and refusing to answer questions. Click here to download.


August 2010

NoTMO Gagged! The TMO try to hide the truth!

The TMO tried to stop you seeing this leaflet. It has the Freedom of Information Act Request about the mysterious disappearance of £18,788 of our taxpayers money - a must read.
Click here to download.



Click here to download A4 Poster.



Vote No to the TMO

As the ballot nears we need more volunteers to join our campaign to ensure our homes are safe for the future. Or please donate - we are using our own money, they have lots of taxpayers (our) cash.

Contact us email:

Vote No to the TMO

 We are using our own money, so any donations are very much appreciated, thanks.
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