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Don't Gamble with Our Homes

  We are ordinary residents of the Unwin and Friary Estate in London SE15 who don't want a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) to run our estate. We want to remain with honest, transparent and accountable Southwark Council management.  

The Endless Complaints of Michael Orey/Michael Oreyomi

The Chair of the TMO goes by the name of Michael Orey, though his real name is Michael Oreyomi. He persistently makes formal complaints about anyone who disagrees with him, which stifles debate and ties up valuable resources. Here are the complaints we know about, mostly those which have been made about the NoTMO campaign or individuals within it.


Orey/Oreyomi complained about a Council Planning Officer who was just doing their job.


On 27th May 2009 various residents including NoTMO campaign members were elected to the Unwin and Friary TRA.

A number of people including members of the proTMO group and people who did not even attend the election signed a petition complaining to the council. This was investigated by Council Manager Laura Sullivan. Peckham Area Housing office replied on 26th October 2009, which ruled that the elections were completely fair and democratic.

The second complaint of that year, made by Michael Orey/Oreyomi on 29th Sept 2009 to Tunde Akinooye of the Peckham Area Housing Office about videoing him in Leighton Square Park at the TMO "Fun Day", was investigated by Council Housing Manager Ramatu Mansaray and Management Support Officer Noreen Heslop, who communicated the investigation to Julian Jackson on 16th Oct 2009. The result was Julian Jackson was within his rights to film Mr Orey/Oreyomi on the occasion he did. See the video here.

Orey/Oreyomi also complained to the Police Community Support Unit about the above matter

Sgt Sweatman explained that Mr Jackson was within his rights to film in a public place.

Orey/Oreyomi also tried to have NoTMO group members ejected from Leyton Square Park - a public place - this failed too.

When the video was put up on the NoTMO groups former webhosting Orey/Oreyomi complained repeatedly. Because of the UK's harsh libel laws we were forced to take it down. Now we have moved to a jurisdiction which protects Freedom of Speech you can see the video here.


On 3rd August 2010 Michael Orey/Oreyomi complained about the Freedom of Information Act document concerning the "Financial Irregularities" about the £18,788 on our website. His complaint reveals he had complained to the police too. We were forced to take this down by our UK web hosting company because the law here unfairly penalises free speech. We believe there are no grounds to answer. You can see the Freedom of Information Act report here.

On 13th August he complained again that we had used the word "inexperienced" about the proTMO group on our website.

These are only the complaints we know about. Do you think that someone who makes these sort of malicious complaints is someone you want having power over your home?

2012 April

Michael Orey/Oreyomi is trying to stifle the free speech on this site again. He is making complaints to our hosting company. He claims what we say here is "libel" and "defamation". We say, you don't know what you are talking about, Michael. Telling the truth, however much you dislike it, is not breaking the law.

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